In John 14:26 the Holy Spirit is called our advocate or other translations say comforter or helper. So, in addition to being the Spirit of Truth, Holy Spirit speaks on your behalf and is our side by side and inside help! The original word for advocate is paraklētos and it says He leads us to a deeper knowledge of the gospel truth, and gives us divine strength! Have you experienced the Holy Spirit in this way? Or would you like to experience Him more? Give Him space in your life to lead you, help you, speak for and through you! The power of God is living in you!! 


Read John 14:26-31 and see what the Spirit reveals to you! 


Engage: In what ways would you like to experience more of Holy Spirit as helper?

On Easter Sunday we focused in on the reality that God turns Graves into Gardens and gives beauty for ashes! He is such a good God and because of His life, death and resurrection, His ultimate sacrifice, He is able to bring heaven to earth. He exchanges our tragedies for triumph! The truth is that in this life we still have to go through the graveyard to get to the garden. Often life’s most beautiful moments are still mixed with the pain of living in a fallen world. Part of the exchange means that we find Him in the valleys and He walks with us until we reach Him on the peaks of the mountaintops. Today we invite you to welcome Him even into your pain. We invite you to deepen your connection with Him by not just enduring the hard seasons or the hard memories, but by actually trusting Him enough with your heart to open yourself and the deepest most vulnerable parts of your past and your present with Him. He is so good and He will make the exchange one step at time with your hand in His! 


Read Isaiah 61:1-7 and allow the words to sink deep into your soul. 


Engage: How can we be a support to you in your journey up the mountain? 

Day 6: The Exchange

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