Step One: Limitless Cafe on the Patio

Step Two: Clean Up Oak Tree Property

Step Three: Community Vegetable Gardens

Step Four: Farmers Market

Step Five: Gazebo & Community Classes

Step Six: Limitless Cafe Truck

The Patio Cafe will allow us to reintroduce hospitality and fellowship to our Sunday Service. Due to COVID restrictions, we are no longer allowed to have self-serve buffet style drinks and snacks. The good thing is we already had this Step One plan before these restrictions. Doing a smaller scale Cafe will help the church by giving us a taste of the Coffee Business, will help us cover costs of all the food we love to share and will be an inviting addition to our Sunday Services!

Our property is incredibly beautiful and painfully under used. Step Two will include cleaning up the additional parking lot, making pathways, adding sitting areas, putting in lights (pathway and tree) and creating natural playgrounds. All of this will not only make the Oak Tree property more appealing, but will also prepare us for Steps 3-6.  

Using the Back to Eden Method of gardening, we plan to plant vegetable gardens which will be able to provide food for those experiencing homelessness or poverty as well as providing food to sell at our farmers market. 

This will be an opportunity to not only provide a place for local farmers and small businesses to sell their products but will also be an invitation to our community to come to Limitless!

A lot of our lives have been pushed outdoors this past year and we are incredibly blessed to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world! By building a gazebo, we will be able to provide all kinds of classes to our community. From kids outdoor camps to exercise classes, art classes & more!

This final step will not only provide an income stream to take the burden off of our church family, but it will also allow us the opportunity to get out into our community. We will park our Coffee Truck at local beaches and schools or join local events to be able to share God's love!

Just over a year ago, God gave Pastor Dave a very clear message about our church. Included in this message was a call to utilize the amazing property we have been given. Out of that call, these ideas were born. Would you like to be part of our Limitless Community Projects? 



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